Filosofest 1

  • vrijdag 8 maart 2019 20.30 uur
  • Kunstmaan, Gouden regenstraat 15-6 Tilburg
  • talk cafe

Hey you! Do you want to meet like-minded people? Do you hate small talk and just want to have deep & meaningful conversations?
Avoid a lonely, boring Netflix night; come to Filosofest: Inside the mind. Be inspired, learn something new, and connect with somebody you haven’t met before!

Are you always wondering about how your mind works? Do you have some insights you wanna share? Do you know what’s inside your own mind? Do you want to know?


During Filosofest you will meet people in a new way. Instead of listening to a boring lecture, you can enlighten other people with your own perspective and discover other peoples’ ideas, in a small and comfortable setting.

Tickets are 3,-

AND… you can take one person with you for free! (OMG)

What to do?
1. Get a ticket on
2. Come to our event
3. Meet like-minded people